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Monthly Support Packages - The Web Hound
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Monthly Support Packages

Look no further, all the support you need to make your website work for you

Why Regular Updates Matter

Just imagine your favourite restaurant, great food, and a gracious staff, a place you really love. But what is going on behind the scenes? Maybe it is calm and organised, but maybe not. Maybe behind the scenes it is panic stations and disorganised. If the latter is the case, it will only be a matter of time before it overflows to the front of house.
Your website is exactly the same.
We cannot stress enough, keep your back-end organised and under control and the client facing pages will sparkle and let your marketing message come through cleanly and as you want it.

At The Web Hound we provide three packages to help maintain the site, build on the on-site SEO and also provide e-shots to drive traffic to the site.

  • Economy

  • £60Month
    • Website updates – copy & images
    • Upload new news item(s)
    • Fix any website issues
    • Manage up to 10 email accounts

  • Purchase
Our Most Popular
  • Business

  • £130Month
  • Everything in our “Economy” Package plus:

    • Compile news article & upload
    • Review & update on-site SEO
    • Update plugins and WordPress
    • Review site analytics

  • Purchase
  • Premier

  • £250Month
  • Everything in our first two packages plus:

    • Create e-news template
    • Set up Mailchimp
    • Send monthly e-newsletter
    • Review e-news click rates

  • Purchase